Children's Soccer Coach

What boots should my child wear?  Moulded rubber cleats (normal football boots) are recommended - no metal studs. Trainers or Astro trainers can be worn by younger children or kids coming to trial to see if they like the program.

Should they wear shin guards? This is personal preference. We do not enforce it however we recommend it. Most choose not to!

What should they wear? Everyone that signs up must purchase a kit (Top & Shorts for $50). This will be ordered and paid for on booking in for the term and picked up at your first lesson from the venue. However any kids coming for a trial are welcome to wear any sporting attire they feel comfortable in. 

How do I pay? On booking via the links online you will be given the option to pay using your active kids voucher if you have one and any remaining balance via credit card. The full term must be paid in full on booking. We do not have reception staff at the venue therfore have no ways to accept weekly payments. Lessons are $20 for 1 hour.

What happens if we want a term off/want to leave the program? You commit term to term. Therefor if you want a term off or to leave simply do not re register for the following term. Pro star students can rejoin at any time, however if you leave the 1 star program then want to rejoin you will have to have a trial again to ensure your child is still at that level to ensure we always have only elite players in that group.

What happens if it is extremely hot or extremely wet weather?The Ligaturf synthetic fibre turf is FIFA certified and is laid upon a 23mm shock pad for performance and shock absorption. The 50mm turf is then filled with a mix of six parts sand and one-part EPDM rubber infill, specifically manufactured for synthetic sports fields, not recycled materials. 
Proven over the long term to be eco friendly and harmless to health, the green coloured granules provide for maximum stability and reduce heat build up and surface radiation. Because of this amazing surface we can run our lessons through most weather conditions. However in the case of severe unsafe heat or severe unsafe thunderstorms we will cancel the session and credit your accounts for use towards the next terms fees. Please check our socials for notifications in these situations and we send a group text message out. In the unfortunate situation a lesson has to be cancelled we will also try and book Niagra Park Stadium which is 4 mins drive away so we do try not to cancel if at all possible. Regular drink breaks and sun safe practices will be encouraged. Playing in the rain is actually a lot of fun for kids, and it is good for them to learn how the ball passes differently in the wet weather as normal games are not called off when raining.

Are your programs for girls and boys? Do you have separate classes for girls? All our programs are for boys and girls. We have a strong percentage of female enrolments. We do not separate them at this age as on game day at their club boys and girls play together and against each other up to the age of 15yrs old. Our holiday clinics also have a large number of girls sign up. Womens football on the coast is growing and we want to encourage it! In fact owner Nick Montgomery has 3 daughters who all participate in the programs and holiday clinics! The Central Coast Mariners have just launched an all girls SAP Program which again our development programs under pin and girls in our programs will be encouraged to trial at these if the coach feels they have reached the right level to see if they can gain entry to the next level of training.

Do you do make up lessons?  Yes, if you miss a lesson due to sickness/holidays you are welcome to attend another as a makeup. However please email Heidi to inform her as we like to keep our class numbers low and high ratio of coaches so we would want to ensure several don't turn up to do a make up on the same night. 1 Star kids are welcome to attend a pro star as a make up. 

Do you cater for beginners and eliite students? Yes, we have different programs for different levels catering from new to football all the way to advanced players. Please click onto our kids programs page for more information.

Do you offer free taster sessions so we can try without committing?  Yes please email to book a free session with us. Please inform us how much soccer experience your child has and their age and inform us which program you are keen to trial after reading about them in the kids progam section. We will arrange for you to come down and have a free session. The coach can give you feedback after the session and if you wish to sign up you can do so online.